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Handmade cards with natural dyes

Handmade cards

Wild Fibres - natural fibres for felting, spinning & dyeing!

Wild Fibres - natural fibres for felting, spinning & dyeing

Wild Paper handmade paper for printing, artists & gift wrap

Wild Paper - handmade paper for computer printing, artists & wrapping presents

Yellow Natural Dyes

        Wild Colours - Exciting colours from Natural Dyes


Wild Colours natural dyes > Yellow dye plants - grow & dye beautiful yellows

Weld & other Yellow Natural Dyes

Growing and dyeing with weld natural dye

Dyeing with Coreopsis natural dye | Wild Colours natural dyes

Dyeing with Chamomile natural dye

Dyeing with Weld

Dyers Coreopsis

Dyer’s Chamomile

Dyeing with Dyers Greenweed natural dye

Dyeing with Goldenrod natural dye

Dyeing with Pomegranate natural dye

Dyers Greenweed

Dyeing with Goldenrod

Pomegranate Dyeing

Dyeing with Persian Berry or Buckthorn natural dye | Wild Colours natural dyes

more yellow natural dyes - saw-wort & tansy


Buckthorn/Persian Berry

More yellow dyes


Yellow is a very easy colour to produce from natural dyes. The most light and wash-fast natural yellow dyes are found in Weld dye and Dyers’ Greenweed. The pigment in both is luteolin.

Black oak, onion skins and some other natural yellow dye plants contain quercitin, which produces a nice yellow, although it is not as colour fast.

1. Weld dye plant

2. Weld dyeing

3. Dyers Greenweed

4. Dyers Coreopsis

5. Dyer’s Chamomile

6. Dyeing with Pomegranate - NEW

7. Old Fustic

8. Goldenrod

9. Rhubarb

10. Other Traditional Yellow Dyes

    [Saw-wort & Tansy]

11. More Yellow Dyes

    [Dock, Eucalyptus, Onion, Safflower & Osage Orange]

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