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Wild Fibres - natural fibres for felting, spinning & dyeing

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Wild Paper - handmade paper for computer printing, artists & wrapping presents

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Delivery charges to Europe & rest of World

1) Delivery charges to Europe

NEW - EU VAT charges - read here
Orders to Portugal - Read here

2) Delivery charges to USA, Australia, Central & South America, Africa & Asia etc

3) Special or Tracked Delivery Abroad

4) How do I calculate the weights?

5) Small packets up to 150 grams

6) What does the Delivery Charge include?

We ship orders to all countries in the world and currently have customers in more than 50 countries. With the high cost of international freight and postage, especially to countries outside Europe, we are obliged to charge appropriate post & packing costs.

On receipt of your PayPal order for natural dyes and other items from the Wild Colours store, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the extra costs of the Delivery Charge that you can pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal. If at this point you do not wish to proceed with your order, we will refund your order payment in full.

How much is the Delivery Charge?

1) Delivery charges to Europe

This is an approximate guide to the Delivery Charges to Europe:




up to 70 grams

see below

+5 more

up to 500 grams



up to 750 grams



up to 1000 grams



up to 1250 grams



up to 1500 grams



up to 2000 grams



over 2000 grams



All orders over 70 grams to  European countries will be sent by Tracked Airmail. Therefore, you will be charged for Tracked Airmail which is 5 more than the Standard Airmail charges listed above.

Orders over 190 in value or which are over 1.9kg in weight when packed will be split into 2 or more separate parcels and charged separately for shipping and sent Tracked. 
EU VAT charges
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ, if you are an EU or European customer:-
Your Country may now charge you VAT, taxes and a handling fee. It is your responsibility to pay these extra costs. They are in addition to our invoice and shipping charges. The amount is set by your individual Country, not by the UK.

Orders to Portugal - Read here

We regret that we are no longer able to send any orders to Portugal!
The Portuguese Customs Service and the Portuguese Postal Service have been withholding parcels from the UK, not informing our customers and then returning them to the UK as undeliverable! We will therefore have to refund all orders that we receive from Portugal.

Our Apologies for the inconvenience but this is outside of our control.

2) Delivery charges for airmail orders to USA, Australia, Central & South America, Africa & Asia etc 

Covid19 Note: 

All orders over 65 grams to non-European destinations will be sent by
Tracked Airmail. Therefore, you will be charged for Tracked Airmail which is 5 more than the charges listed below.

This is a approximate guide to the Standard & Tracked Airmail Charges:


World 1 & 2



up to 65 grams



+ 5 more

up to 250 grams




up to 500 grams




up to 750 grams




up to 1000 grams




up to 1250 grams




up to 1500 grams




up to 2000 grams




over 2000 grams




We use UK Royal Mail's Airmail service to ship most parcels. For quicker deliveries, Royal Mail advises the use of their International Tracked & Signed service, see below.

Most non-European countries are World Zone 1 or 2. The USA is World Zone 3 and most expensive. Australia & New Zealand are World Zone 2. The Royal Mail charges more for Airmail to Australia and New Zealand but we are currently absorbing the extra costs involved.

3) Special Deliveries Abroad - Tracked & Urgent deliveries

Airmail is not a confirmed (or monitored) service and may take 2-4 weeks to most destinations in Europe and up to 6+ weeks to non-European countries. Countries close to the UK, such as France & the Netherlands can be quicker but some parcels have taken 5 to 6 weeks to more distant European destinations. The speed of delivery is dependent on European carriers and outside of Royal Mail’s (and our!) control.
UK Royal Mail can also provide its International Tracked service, as an upgrade to Airmail, and this is more reliable & quicker than Airmail alone. Royal Mail says that its Tracked service receives priority handling in the UK and abroad and is faster than standard Airmail. Their aim is to deliver to Europe within 3-5 working days and the rest of the world within 6-7 working days of posting.

We now send all orders by Royal Mail’s International Tracked
services. This will generally cost 5 more than our standard delivery service for parcels up to 2 kg (e.g. 1.7 kg plus packaging).
Tracking Confirmation
Typically, we send you an email confirming that your parcel has been sent, on the same day that we send the parcel.
However, please note that we may only receive the Tracking Code from the Post Office 3 to 4 days later. You will not, therefore, receive the Track Code until we have it. Usually, we will send that to you as a Paypal update email.

4) How do I calculate the weights?

The weight must include the weight of packing materials such as padded envelopes, cartons and mailers as well as dyes and mordants etc. For example, an order for 250 grams of alum will need to be sent at the 500 gram weight band. It cannot be sent at the 250 gram band. As a rule of thumb, add 100 grams to the weight for dyes orders of 100 grams or more and 200-250 grams for orders up to 1 kg.

If you are ordering from the USA, Australia or from any country outside UK, you can contact us via the Contact Form or by email to info@wildcolours.co.uk, for an estimate.

5) Small packets up to 70 grams

Small orders for dye plant seeds or for say 50 grams of natural dyes to Europe, may be covered by the standard delivery charge of 4.95 that is calculated by the shopping cart (for orders under 95). You can order these directly through the shopping cart and we will email you if the weight exceeds Royal Mail charges.

6) What does the Delivery Charge include?

The Delivery Charge is the cost of Royal Mail's Airmail service plus the costs of the external packing materials, such as the mailers and mailing cartons that are used to ship your dyes, and of the Paypal transaction charge.

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