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Talks on Natural Dyes & Fibres by Teresinha

Teresinha is an experienced speaker who enjoys talking to groups large and small about natural dyes and natural fibres.

She has a range of talks on natural  fibres and natural dyes (see list of titles below).

Her lively presentations tell the story of the cultivation of weld, woad, madder and other traditional dye plants, and their use in textiles and artefacts, with many practical examples.

Contact her for more information and book a talk through the web form or by email

1. An Allotment to Dye For

2. A True Blue: Woad and Indigo

3. Plant Fibres: From Nettles to Soy Silk

4. Animal Fibres: From Angora to Yak

5. Silk: From China to Birmingham

6. Workshop: Coiled Baskets in Wool

Enquire for details of these and new talks and workshops!

Customer Comments

An Allotment to Dye For:
A big thank you for travelling to Kent to give us such an interesting and enthusiastic lecture... members were pleased to meet you and to share your own knowledge through experience of venturing into the world of Natural Dyeing.  Your samples were so interesting as most of us usually dye wool or silk skeins, not so many with fabric; we were very impressed with the range of colours from such a limited selection of plants. Dot from Kent WSD.

A True Blue: Woad and Indigo:
Thank you for a very interesting and entertaining talk on woad last night. Judy Higginson, Stourbridge Branch Embroiderers' Guild.

From Angora to Yak:
It was really quite some delivery, with those gorgeous samples.... it's what I'd call a thoroughly professional talk, wish we'd had longer. Judith Joseph, from Birmingham WSD.

Thank you so much for your informative and friendly talk. Everyone who spoke to me afterward was so impressed with all your research and the friendly way you delivered. It's been really beneficial to see and FEEL such exotic fibres.  We enjoyed you so much - we'll have to have you back. Maureen from the Cheshire WSD.

We enjoyed your talk and seeing all those samples very much and lots of members have commented since on how much they learned. Gloria Pitt from the WSD Berkshire Guild.

From Nettles to Soy Silk:
Thank you so much for the fascinating talk ‘From Nettles to Soy Silk’ which you gave to our guild last night. We all learned so much – in a very entertaining way! I could tell how much it had been enjoyed by the ‘buzz’ afterwards!’ Carolyn Smith, The Shropshire Branch of the Embroiderers Guild.

Coiled Baskets in Wool Workshop:
Thank you very much for your recent visit to the Coventry Guild of Spinners, Weaver and Dyers.  Your workshop on coiled baskets was wonderful.  Everyone had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed your workshop.  In particular they commented on how you gave individual help, especially during the early stages and the way you showed us the different type of basket that could be made using the techniques we were learning.  Everyone made a significant start to a project and we will be showcasing our completed work over the next couple of Guild days. Kellie from WSD Coventry.

“Recently Teresinha ran a full day workshop at the Cheshire Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers.  Such a successful day with a number of members completing their project on the day.
Teresinha's enthusiasm and knowledge is infectious.  Giving clear and easy to follow instructions both individually and collectively we soon got started. During the afternoon session, Teresinha took us back millennia to the very origins of basket making, explaining the archaeological finds at Neolithic sites.  Learning from this Teresinha made wooden needles to prove it could be done and show us the pre history of what we were setting out to achieve in 'modern' times with modern tools.

A wonderful day with members fully involved and achieving the goal of creating a coiled basket using a PVC clothes line core and hand spun wool.

Thank you Teresinha, we are looking forward to seeing you back with us again.”

Maureen Burgess, Cheshire Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

Read more about Teresinha’s talks and workshops at TeresinhaRoberts.co.uk.

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