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Wild Fibres - natural fibres for felting, spinning & dyeing

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We sell natural indigo from India and central America and woad from Europe as natural indigo dye powder, and Indian indigo as indigo cakes or indigo blocks.

Learn more about the different types of natural indigo and
how to use your natural indigo dye here

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Tamil Nadu Indigo 25 grams

Natural Indigo (30% Indigotin) from India 25 gm


Tamil Nadu Indigo Chunks 25gm

Natural Indigo (30% Indigotin) in small pieces




Tamil Nadu Indigo 100g

Natural Indigo (30% Indigotin) 100g - save 2.50


Tamil Nadu Indigo Chunks 100g

Natural Indigo (30% Indigotin) small pieces - save 2.50




Mayan Indigo 25 grams

Natural Indigo (45% Indigotin) from El Salvador 25g


Medium Indigo cakes

Tamil Nadu Indigo blocks – medium(70-90 gms). Reduced by 12!




Woad 10 grams

Woad powder 10 gm pack


Woad Love greeting card

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Tamil Nadu 100gm is back in stock!

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More about our Natural Indigo Dyes

If you want dark midnight blues, buy indigo with a high indigotin content such as the Mayan Indigo (42% indigotin) which comes from a small farm in El Salvador. The Mayan Indigos are very finely ground, which is makes them easier to use in the indigo vat.

The Tamil Nadu indigo is another high quality indigo with a good indigotin content (30% indigotin), which comes from small farms in the south of India. You can buy it as a finely ground powder or as indigo cakes or indigo blocks. This is our more affordable indigo, which despite the lower price  produces very good blues.

The recipe you use, how many times you dip the indigo in the vat and the type of fibre that you are dyeing are very important factors to get good blues. Learn how to use your natural indigo dyes and more about natural indigo here.

Indigo cakes or Indigo blocks
Some of our Tamil Nadu indigo cakes have a light dusting of white ash on some surfaces. The ash is sprinkled over the cake during the production to avoid the stickiness during drying and the white colour will be formed as a layer on the indigo cake after complete drying. The ash is usually rubbed off before dispatch, but some of the indigo blocks still have a thin layer on some surfaces and are sold separately.

The blocks are approximately 60 mm by 50 mm and 30 mm high (2” by 2” by 1”). They are quite brittle and soft and are not difficult to break if you are using them for dyeing.

The indigo blocks can be used for museum display, to dye in an indigo vat, or to draw with. For more information on indigo cakes, click here.

Learn how to use your natural indigo - click on a link below.

Learn about using indigo dye!

Indigo dyeing

Mayan indigo

Tamil indigo


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