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Woad Kit

The Woad Kit contains woad, wool, assistants and full instructions.

Each kit contains 10 grams of Woad pigment, 50 grams of Soda ash, 100 grams of Dithionite, one book of 20 pH indicator paper strips, and 2 hanks each of 100 grams (i.e. just under 8 oz in total) of high quality Double-Knit (DK) wool, together with full dyeing instructions. Now with economy FPP1 face mask.

10 grams Woad pigment
50 grams Soda ash
2x 50 grams Dithionite
1 book of 20 pH indicator paper strips
1 economy FPP1 face mask
2 hanks each of 100 gram Double Knit wool
6 pages of dyeing instructions (dyeing with woad & dithionite, scouring wool, troubleshooting the woad vat, and safety guidelines).

We recommend that you handwash the wool.

Woad kits are shipped in a large grip-seal bag rather than the box in the woad kit product photo.


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