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Buy an indigo dye kit - dye with natural dyes

Indigo dye kit!

Wild Fibres - natural fibres for felting, spinning & dyeing!

Wild Fibres - natural fibres for felting, spinning & dyeing

Wild Paper handmade paper for printing, artists & gift wrap

Wild Paper - handmade paper for computer printing, artists & wrapping presents

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Loom book & needles

        Wild Colours - Exciting colours from Natural Dyes


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All 3 sets - Knitters, Weaving & Trapunto

The Trapunto needle set is designed for Trapunto needlework and for Italian Quilting, but the large needle in this set is ideal for use with Hazel Rose Multi-looms. This set comprises 3 needles with large eyes for easy threading of even the heaviest gauge of wools. The long, ball pointed needle (15 cm or 6 inch in length) is ideal for use with the Hazel Rose multi-looms while the smaller, sharp pointed needles are intended for surface stitching and decorative work.

Weaving Needle Set contains 3 different types of needles: a straight flat raffia needle, a cranked flat raffia needle, and a cranked weaving needle or raffia wire. The large cranked weaving needle (12.5 cm or 5 inch in length) is hard to find, and great for weaving the final row on quilt weaver looms. They are also useful for weaving on simple looms such as cardboard looms. The flat needles (both 7.3 cm or 2? inch in length) are great for weaving coiled baskets.

Knitters Needle Set for sewing up woven squares. Knitters’ needles, sometimes known as sewing up needles, are used to sew pieces of knitted work together. This pack contains two needles both with blunt ends, a size 14 (7 cm or 2 inch in length) and size 18 (5 cm or 1? inch in length). These needles are of exceptional quality and perfect for sewing up woven squares.

Only the Knitters needles set is shown in this photograph but see catalog entries for the other two sets to see what they contain.


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